Friday, October 4, 2013

Life lately.

^Tindra says moving is hard ya'll^
^I was making dinner and walked into this scene. And my heart melted^
^Ikea round one, for tables, chairs, bathroom stuff^

^He's seriously a pro^
^One of our last days at our old house Tindra learned how to climb up on chairs. And tables^

^Swedish school started for Jasper and Tindra. We love it so!^

^Last day at our old house, with Tindra's buddy M^

^A coupe of weeks ago we had a double date night with a couple friend and had THE best fries I've ever had. I mean Ever. And my pizza salad sandwich was pretty damn good also!^
^Watching mom unpack the bathroom. She took her pretzel and started to try to unscrew her high chair. Baby genius? I think so. Also, I had to look up how to spell genius, so it's obviously not hereditary.^

^Tindra and I tagged along on Jasper's reading picnic for school. And Tindra made a new friend^
^First home work project for first grade! He read (by himself) Where The Wild Things Are and then made a 'wild thing'^
^Favorite breakfast as of late. Pumpkin spiced toast and iced coffee.^
^Our new dining room table! Not the chairs that go with it, we  (okay Drew) hadn't put the chairs together yet^
 ^Jasper insisted that him and T needed matching pants last week at H&M, 'cuz we like to be the same' who can argue with that kind of logic?^
 ^She spent at Least 5 minutes yelling at a squirrel in our tree^
 ^Jasper had an exciting week. 6th row rockies ticket, and then front (yes FRONT) row tickets to last Sunday's Broncos game.^

 ^And another Ikea trip. This time for a new rug, couch and desk tables^
 ^Cold, rainy fall nights calls for pizza, chocolate milk and chutes and ladders^
 ^New favorite reading spot
^He loves reading and writing. Makes this mamma so incredibly proud!^
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  1. i love these type of posts! and front row seats? LUCKY

  2. you seriously have two of the cutest kids ever

  3. I LOVE that they got matching pants at H&M. H&M and Ikea are two of our very favorite stores--unfortunately they're both over an hour away from our house :( Cute pics :)