Monday, October 7, 2013

Cooking with my girl

I have countless of memories with my mother in the kitchen. I mean countless. She was (and is!) always cooking and baking, and always let me help. Jasper has always enjoyed helping me in the kitchen and I have been so excited for the day Tindra would be able to as well.

This weekend Tindra was at my feet as I was making stovetop lasagna (I'll post the recipe later because it was That good) and kept saying "up, up" (another new word) so I picked her up and decided it was the perfect time for her to 'help' me for the first time. And help she did. She also helped splatter some sauce all over the oven so she's quickly learning that if you didn't make a mess while cooking you didn't make a good enough meal. 

I can't wait for many, many afternoons spent in the kitchen with this little lady and her brother. 
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  1. i just love these memories you are creating with them!

  2. I love this! Baking and cooking with my dad (my mom doesn't love cooking) are my best memories of when i was young! I can't wait to start these memories with Micha!
    You're such a great mama!

  3. cutest mother/daughter ever! -kate

  4. this is so precious darlene