Monday, October 28, 2013

Last weekend I had some of my best girls over for a long overdue girls night. I can't tell you how amazing these girls are. Living so far away from family, I'm constantly reminded how blessed I am to have such good friends in our lives! Three out of four of these ladies I met when our kids were in gymnastics (back when they were just barley 2!) and here we are with 6 year olds! So insane when I think about it! Half of us have since moved, two of us have added siblings into the mix, our kids have all started school, and our get together are more spaced out now with all of our busy lives, but that just makes our get togethers that much more fun!

Drew was kind enough to cook for us (and even cleaned up the kitchen afterwards!) so I got to sit and enjoy company and do lots of catching up. Can't wait to get together with you ladies again! (I think these are the only ones in my life that actually know about this little blog!) 

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  1. How fun! So sweet of Drew to do all the cooking and cleaning up, he's a keeper ;)!