Thursday, August 29, 2013

Skinny Limits

I've been wanting to do a full on juice cleans since I was pregnant. After doing a lot of research I've learned that juicing is great for :
increasing energy
jumpstarting weight loss
firing up metabolism
purifying your liver
increasing lifespan
Some great reasons to do a juice cleanse huh? For a few months I was juicing for breakfast, but honestly I got kind of lazy. Cleaning that damn juicer every morning got Super annoying. 
I was super excited, like Ridiculously excited when I was given the chance to do a three day juice cleanse with skinny limits I already knew I wanted to do a cleanse, and after researching their company a bit, I knew they were the perfect company to do my cleanse with. 
Here's a bit about the company from their site 
Skinny Limits was founded in the kitchen of the founders, in Austin :) They had tried their first juice cleanse and loved it. They wanted to do one every couple of weeks, but the mainstream juice companies were too expensive. They started buying their own bottles and a good juicer knowing that even it would be more expensive than a cleanse up front, it would save them money in the long run. They soon discovered that making their own cleanses was extremely difficult and took up their entire day to make and left their kitchen in a complete mess. They powered through it and soon after their neighbors and friends started asking them to make cleanses for them too.

This started the events that turned a two person shop in austin into a quickly growing 25 person team that serves nationwide. While juice cleanses are our main priority, we focus on raw foods in general. Everything in our shop is raw, no exceptions! We have raw lunches, raw (healthy) smoothies, raw juices, raw deserts, and of course raw cleanses. We're so diligent about keeping our shop uncontaminated, that if any employee has meat in their lunch, we ask them to keep it in a cooler outside of the shop.

The shop also helps us keep our costs down. Most cleanse companies use a warehouse to produce their cleanses, which has a high upkeep. We produce our cleanses right out of our shops outside of store hours, which helps us keep our costs as low as possible. In most cases, it's less expensive to get our cleanse shipped to your front door than it is to pick it up at a local shop. All our shipments are made the day before you receive them. They're cooled and packaged immediately after they're made.

Lastly, our cleanse is 100% raw. Most mainstream juice cleanse companies claim to be raw, but they're not. They get bought out by, or are associated with, bigger companies which force them to distribute their product in other stores. The problem is, raw juice only lasts for about 5 days, so it's not feasible. This means they have to use a process called HP Pasteurization. Instead of heat, this uses high pressure to pasteurize. This more than quadruples it's shelf life, but kills everything in the juice. We use no pasteurization and no processing. Our juice is alive.

Awesome right? A box full of cold, alive juice arrives at your doorstep and all you have to do is drink it! Super easy!
The first day of my cleanse was no doubt the hardest. By evening I had horrible head aches (which I was expecting as I had read it was a very likely side effect of juicing) but not unbearable. 
The second day I was expecting to wake up starving as I had gone to bed a bit hungry, but was shockingly NOT hungry! I had my first juice and then was good to go! And the headaches were gone! Another huge surprise for me was the amount of energy I had! Going from 3-4 cups of coffee a day to zero I was expecting to be exhausted, but I wasn't! I actually felt great! And lighter. But not hungry! I actually had to force myself to drink al 6 drinks that second day because I just wasn't hungry!
The third day my sister brought over dunkin donuts (we were in Iowa, we don't have DD here yet) and yes, I sort of wanted to smack her for bringing my Favorite snack over when I couldn't eat them. But instead I stuck a straw in one of my juices and went and sat outside and drank it while everyone else ate donuts. Dedication right? By the end of the third day I was seriously feeling like I didn't even need food! (Don't worry I ate plenty over the following days) But I honestly felt like I could have kept going with the juice cleanse! I felt That good!
And now for the two questions I got asked most while doing the cleanse, does it taste good and did you lose weight. Yes and yes!
The juices were actually pretty good! I did the standard cleanse that came with 4 different kinds of juices, and the 'green' juices weren't bad at all, I had Drew and my mom take sips and both were shocked about how good they were. And the scorpion lemonade was Really good! A tiny bit sour, but a nice welcome change after drinking green juice all day. And the crescent moon (cashew nut milk) was Really fantastic. Such a welcome treat (vanilla/cinnamon almond milk taste) after the day of juice. It really made the difference. Completely filled me up each night so I slept amazing and didn't wake up hungry. 
And yes, I lost weight! That wasn't a main goal but it certainly was welcome! Three days of cleansing and I lost 6 pounds! But more importantly, I felt good on the inside. It sounds weird to say, but I felt, well cleansed! That's really the only weigh to describe it. I felt lighter. And that's a great feeling my friends.
A cleanse is recommended doing several times a year, and I can tell you I definitely will be doing this again! And I'll do it with skinny limits. I know there is No way I would have even made it through a day if I would have had to actually make the juice myself several times a day. There were times I just Did Not feel like drinking more juice. But it was sitting there right in my fridge waiting for me to drink it. So I did. And kept doing it. But if I would have had to actually do all the work do wash, chop, juice and then clean the juicer afterward? I know I would have given up. So actually ordering the juice and letting someone else do the work is the way to do this kind of cleanse. Also, it's practically the same price! For the amount of juice you get, $49/day is very affordable. Anyone that has juiced knows how much fruits and veggies you need. A TON. When I do a juice for breakfast I will use 2 cucumbers, 2 apples, and 2 pears just for a small glass for myself. And that's easily $6-8. And with skinny limits you get 6 large juice drinks per day. Pretty sweet deal!

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  1. i follow you on instagram and saw you were doing this, i want to give it a try! do you think three days is long enough?

    1. I think three days is the perfect start if you have never done a cleanse!

  2. 6 pounds? thats awesome- sign me up! :)

  3. 6 pounds? girl you dont even have 6 pounds to lose!

  4. What willpower you must have! Did you feel any other health benefits of the cleanse, such as changes to your skin or anything like that? Do you feel detoxed? I don't know anyone who has done a juice cleanse but it sounds interesting :)

    1. ooh i should add that, my skin feels amazing and is super clear! I definitely feel 'detoxed' i cant really explain it but just feel Better! More energy still, less sluggish!