Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My first stitch fix

I've been wanting to jump on the whole Stitch Fix band wagon for a while, but decided I had enough summer clothes as I have about a gazillion dresses. But I finally decided a few weeks ago I was ready for a bit of a wardrobe make over, AND I knew Jasper's first day of school was going to be really rough for me and figured a little stitch fix pick me up was just what I needed.
I had a few concerns but figured $20 to try it out was nothing. My concerns were 
1. I wouldn't like anything/ wouldn't be 'my style' at all
2. Nothing would fit as I feel like I'm a bunch of different sizes, depends on what it is I'm buying
3. The items would be waaay to pricey.
Turns out, I had NOTHING to worry about it. Now I have a new problem, I think I love it ALL. These are the items I received in my very first stitch fix
 ^Shanae printed tie wasted dress- love the print and cut of this dress, its a bit pricier than I normally spend on a dress, but with the 25% off if I get everything it's not a bad price! And this will be great for fall and winter with boots! ^

^Love this wynn ikat print pocket blouse, comfortable, loose and flawy, love it!^

 ^Burgandy skinny jeans, super stretchy and comfy! I was worried with pants especially not fitting, but they fit like a glove!^
 ^When I first saw this print I was all 'meh' but then I put it on and I was all 'Ah!' its super soft, open cross blouse and I was so surprised how much I loved it! Very different than anything I own!^

^And for my final and favorite piece. I can't tell you how much i love this cardigan. Polka dots on the inside, stripes on the outside, I mean what's not to love? And the cut is super fun too. It's definitely more than I've ever spent on a cardigan, but I think I HAVE to get it!^
Everything is so unique and different and I don't have any pieces even Close to any of these items. Yes, some of these items were a bit pricey (like the cardigan and dress) but if I buy them all I get 25% off all the items, so that's kind of what I have to do right? 
Plus I think this is a great way to jump start my fall wardrobe. See how I'm talking myself into keeping them all? 
How it works if you aren't quite sure- you go to Stitch Fix and fill out a style profile (which is super detailed) and also your sizes (again super detailed, not just small medium large etc) and then they charge your card $20, you choose the date you want your 'fix' to arrive (can do it however often you like, but it's not like you have to sign up and do it every month) and then a personal stylist looks at your style and sends you 5 items she thinks you will love and even sends tips on how to style these items. Then you try on the items, and if you decide to purchase any of the items that $20 you already spent gets applied to your purchase. So for example if you decide to keep a $40 shirt, you only owe $20 now because you already paid a $20 styling fee. Whatever you decide not to keep, you pack up in the prepaid bag and drop it in the mail. Super simple, super convenient and such fun goodies! I can't wait to do it again, I feel like this is my definite new favorite way to shop!
Here's a referral if you want to try it out! http://stitchfix.com/sign_up?referrer_id=3155944 and of course you can just go to stitchfix.com and try it without my referral code (which I get credit for if you sign up) but I heard there's a long(er) waiting list if you do it without a code. I used a blogger referral so I'm not sure how long the wait is without one. Let me know if you decide to check it out!
Also, which are your favorite of my pieces? I'm having SUCH a hard time choosing!! At this point I'm leaning to getting them all! Shhh don't tell Drew! 
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  1. i've been really wanting to try stitch fix but had same concerns as you, looks like you got some amazing things!! I'd go with all of them! but for sure the dress and cardigan!

    1. love LOVE the cardigan! and the dress. and everything else! ah!

  2. I am on the fence about Stich Fix. My main concern is that I will get things that I love, but they will be too pricey, even with the discount. I'm a sucker for a deal, so I have a hard time splurging on clothes. What do you think?

    1. That was absolutely my concern too, which is why it took me forever to try it, but I figured if everything was too expensive, then 20 dollars wasn't a big deal to me to 'waste' but I also figured I would find at Least one item I would love to use that $20 credit towards. I picked the lowest option for the price point and it def. gave me reasonable prices, like one of the shirts will only be $20ish after the discount, and for pieces that I don't see anyone else walking around wearing that's totally worth it for me :) I def. won't be doing it every month, just once in a while when I feel like I need some new, fun pieces :) Oh and the jeans were super affordable too, I think they are $50 before the discount, and usually I spent 65-75 on a pair of jeans so I thought that was a great deal! Let me know if you decide to do it!

    2. Also just saw you are from NC, thats where most of my extended family lives and were my mom and sister and her family are right now on the beach for the week- jealous!

  3. do you know the brand of the cardigan? i already use stitchfix but want to ask for it in my next fix! love it. thanks!