Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Roosevelt Lodge and road to Lake Yellowstone

My dad pulled some strings and got us a Sweet log cabin at Roosevelt lodge one day. We didn't end up getting there till like 9 at night and had to leave the next day by noon to make it to our next destination in the park so we didn't get to see as much of the area as we liked, but what we did was Beautiful! Not surprising. My dad warned me that the cabins were 'rustic' and most didn't have a bathroom, but that was fine by us! Except when we got there, we found out we had one of the nicest cabins available and it most definitely had a bathroom! A nice one! Such a cozy little cabin. Perfect size for our family of 4 with two twin beds and room for Tindra's pack n play. This is the way to 'camp!'

 Hanging out on our cabin porch!
 Drew and I made it a habit to put the littles to bed then sit out on our various porches where we stayed, looking at the stars, sipping wine and just talking. It was always the perfect end to the busy day. And Drew could never Once keep his eyes open with the cell phone flash. 

^ I was walking back to the cabin to grab my purse and this guy ran out in front of me. Scared me!^

 ^These little guys were Everywhere, so darn cute. Chipmunks I think?^
 ^Of course Jasper found a stream to play in^

 ^Little explorer^

After we left 'Rosie' as I heard some of the staff call it we drove to Lake Yellowstone, we stopped a couple of times on the way in the area called Hayden Valley because oh. my gosh. So incredibly gorgeous. I can't get over it. Also, how many times can you use gorgeous in a post before it becomes to repetitive? It's just so insane how beautiful it is. I could go on and on, and I probably will. 

There are dozens and dozens of places to stop along the way, but it would hake taken us All day if we had done that so we picked two places. Every couple of miles though I would have gladly stopped and walked around and taken pictures. You could spend MONTHS in Yellowstone and not see it all I'm convinced. (Take my dad, he has lived there now for 8 months, didn't know about half the stuff we told him we saw.) 

 ^Sulphur Caldron^
 ^Mud Volcano, I think I can't remember all the names of these little places!^
 ^Very large Bison just hanging out^

 ^Oh just a very large bison walking 1/2 foot from our car^

^Pro road trippers^

 ^The lodges will pack you a picnic lunch to go! Filled with yummy foods for on the go^
 ^Dragons Mouth^
 ^Lady in blue was Super pissed about the lady taking a pictures of her grand daughter. Strait up cussing that it was taking so long. Yes it was annoying but CHILL lady, you are in Yellowstone, like the most relaxing place ever and you are stressing out because you had to wait 2 minutes to take a better picture?^

I was going to include Lake Yellowstone in this post, but that would include waay to many pictures, because of course I took a million and one. I can't help it, I just love the water so. 

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  1. your pictures are making me want to go to yellowstone!

  2. Wow, what an amazing place! i love the photos and your stories accompanying them!
    Oh, and Tindra's little red shoes are so cute!