Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bachelorette Party

While we were in Iowa a couple of weeks ago, I left the kids with my mom and sis and headed up to Minneapolis for the weekend for a good high school friends bachelorette party. It was my first time leaving miss T for more than a couple of hours so I was definitely nervous/dreading it a little bit. I might have even tried to come up with a few excuses to get out of it. Super lame I know, but I just Don't do well with leaving my babies!
Anyway, I went and am so glad I did. It was such an amazing time!  
Friday night we got up there and went out to a tequila bar for dinner downtown (just a few blocks from where we were staying) and this dinner changed my life. Seriously. I'm not even being dramatic.
We ordered a bunch of tapas, and drinks and while we were waiting for that,  veggies/chips and guacamole were placed on the table. It's 8 PM by this point and I hadn't had anything to eat since like 11 so I was freaking Starving. Problem is I don't like guacamole. 
My friends were shocked by this since they all see me as a 'crunchy, healthy eating, Colorado hippy' which maybe I am a little bit but I don't do avocados. I feed my kids them, just never cared for it. It was even Tindra's first food, see what a hypocrite I am?
Anyway, I decided eff it I'll try it again. And oh. my goodness. I freaking LOVED it. I might have eaten 90% of the bowl that was on my side of the table. I guess the last time I remember trying it a few years ago maybe it was a bad batch or something? But oh man I feel like I have been missing out! In the weeks since I tried it I've bought several containers of guac and it's basically become my favorite afternoon snack. Like I said, life changer. 
After dinner and drinks (white sangria pitchers!) we went to several bars, like I can remember the names of any of them, then called it a night around 2. Way late for this mamma!
The next day we had the hotel town car service take us out to Lake Minnetonka (about 25 minutes) where we had a boat rented for the day, with a hired guy to drive us around the lake. I'm telling you, this is the way to do it. He knew all the good spots, like 'party cove' where people just park their boats in this shallowish area near a little island and hang out. People just swim from boat to boat, drinking, listening to music and making new friends. Fun huh? 

 ^Someone Might have fallen asleep on the boat for 30 minutes and Might have gotten a little bit too much sun..^

^The life changing guacamole^

We got back Sunday afternoon, and I've never been so glad to see anyone in my whole life as I was to see those two littles of mine. And they had So much fun with aunt milla and uncle trev and grammy. Jasper also managed to trick Trevor into thinking he was allowed to have pop, so he Really had a fun time! 
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  1. such gorgeous friends you have, you all look like models! that lake looks like so much fun

  2. my hometown! Isn't Minneapolis great?