Friday, August 9, 2013

Have you guys seen this video floating around? If you don't feel like watching, basically this manager at a rec center came over (twice, I believe) and told this woman nursing her baby to cover up or go to another room and nurse her. The mom stands up for herself and tells the lady that the law allows her to nurse her baby anywhere she wants. Then the husband steps in and stands up for his wife and tells her to leave and call the police if she has a problem, and I think the manager responds and says she already has? 

I mean seriously? Calling the police to escort a breastfeeding mother out of a rec center where (I believe) she was watching her daughters dance class? This is 2013 in America. I'm ashamed. But strangely proud. So proud of this woman for standing up for herself, and so proud of her husband for having a voice and saying something.

When nursing I almost always used a cover. Not for anyone else, but for myself. I just wasn't that comfortable enough in my own skin to just nurse wherever, whenever, however. I hope next time around I'm braver. Because this Seriously has to stop. I've seen countless woman breastfeeding. And you know what? I've never seen a nipple in the process. I've barely seen the top of a breast. Usually the baby covers up everything. So really, how is this indecent? How does this bother anyone? This is what they were made for. To feed our children. Sure plenty of people choose not to, and I think because so many people bottle feed, that somehow it's become taboo to feed our babies the most natural way. I'm not offended by those who choose to formula feed their babies, so why should it be offensive to breast feed? 

And if for some reason you are bothered by a woman breast feeding. Keep it to yourself. Plenty of things bother me to see in public, but it's none of my damn business how others choose to dress/act so unless it's harming me or my children, I keep it to myself.

Also, some babies don't care for eating under a blanket. Tindra got to that point towards the last few months of nursing. By that point I could try to plan my outings around when she had to eat. But sometimes that meant finding a corner and nursing her without a cover because she refused to be covered up. I mean can you blame her? Who wants to eat under a blanket? 

And stepping off my soap box now. 

In other news. We had a realtor coming to our house this morning (thanks for being late dude) to inspect it/take pictures, and so we had the entire house clean. All laundry done, folded, put away and everything (are you impressed? You should be) and after I put both kids down for a nap today I realized there was NO housework to be done. Like none. That's never happened before. So I came here to bitch about rude people in Texas (where the breastfeeding incident happened) Your welcome. 
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  1. nothing against breastfeeding ij ust don't understand why you guys cant just go sit in a bathroom and breastfeed? seems like it would be more comfortable for everyone. just my opinion

    1. Would you like to go sit in a bathroom to eat your meal? Yum. I know you probably won't see this reply because you don't have the balls to actually post here with your name, but it's people like you that make me sick. No, it's not more comfortable to go sit on a toilet and attempt to hold and feed your child while people around you relieve themselves.

    2. Anytime someone says to go nurse your baby in a bathroom I gag. How gross is that? Hell No.

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