Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Easy Meal Monday: Chicken tacos.

Mondays are Rough. They always have been. But now with two kids, one that I need to get out the door to school with a full belly (lunch isn't till 1!!) with a healthy lunch packed (why don't I EVER do this the night before?) homework done and checked off and make sure he looks presentable and has clean socks on. Not to mention a baby that wants to nurse during that time at Least once. Mornings, especially Monday mornings are hectic. 

I'm slowly coming up with ways to make mondays less crazy and hectic and more enjoyable. One simple solution I have come up with to help with the mondays, is Easy Meal Monday! Every monday the last few weeks I have make a super simple dinner, and even though it's such a simple idea, it's really helping! 

This past Monday I made one of our favorites. And SO EASY. I'm sure everyone knows this chicken taco trick but I didn't till about a year ago so maybe someone else isn't familiar with it also. If so, you are welcome. Consider your life forever changed. 

Here's what you do.

Grab two frozen chicken breasts from your freezer ( I always have buy chicken when it's on sale since organic, grass fed chicken is expensive, also I can't touch raw chicken, so when I buy a bunch I make Drew cut off any fat, and bag it in individual baggies so all I have to do is grab a couple) and throw them in the crockpot.

Next, grab a jar of salsa, and dump it over the chicken. Simple right?

Turn the crock pot on. Low for 7-8 hrs or high for 4-5. I usually forget to throw this all together till I put Tindra down for her second nap around 12:30-1 so I usually have to cook it on high so it's done by 6ish. 

I'm sure you are wondering what else you have to do, but that's it! I know it sounds too good to be true, and it almost is. 

The chicken just falls about, self shreds itself, it's like magic!

When it's done all you do is throw it on a pita and add some topics. Monday we did lettuce and sour cream because that's all I had. Remember, it was a Monday. But we love to add tomatoes, black olives and shredded cheese as well. 

Now make this on a hectic day and you will be thanking me. 

Do you have any easy go to meals for especially hectic days? 


  1. wow that actually does look incredibly easy and delicious! thanks! Ashlee

  2. Oh, these look scrumptious!!! You can never go wrong with tacos ;)
    xo TJ

  3. I do this one all the time! Except I add spices and black beans to give it a more burrito-y feel. :)

  4. Yummy! Looks delicious and easy to make ;)