Friday, November 16, 2012

Anonymous asks..

"You talk a lot about Sweden(obsessed?) and call yourself Swedish, but weren't you born in America?"

Yes and Yes!!

I was born in America, West Palm Beach Florida to be exact. To an american (Italian) mom and my 100% Swedish dad who moved to Florida when he was in his early 20's. We moved to Sweden when I was like 2 and a half and lived there (with the exception of a year in Bali) till I was 11. So yes, I was born in America and yes, I also consider myself Swedish since all of my childhood are centered around being Swedish and growing up in Sweden. When we moved to the US, Swedish was my first language. I thought in Swedish, though could speak good English because my mom spoke English to us at home, but everything else was done in Swedish.

And am I obsessed with Sweden? Probably. How could I NOT be? It's such a beautiful amazing country, full of equal rights, social democracy, 24 hrs of sunlight in the summer (and lots of cozy darkness in the winter) delicious foods, beautiful people, amazing fashion, I could go on and on.. and I tend to :)

I'll let some of these pictures speak for themselves

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