Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where are you shopping for black friday deals?

Do you have any tips/links for the best deals? 

So far I know I need to be on the hunt for the best deals on a wii and possibly kindle fire. Perhaps amazon? I really don't want to stand in line at 2 in the morning at best buy or anything like that. I think I'm getting too old for that! (But apparently wasn't last year or the year before)

I also heard my favorite kids store polarn o pyret is launching their holiday line (I saw pics!!) on Friday with a sweet discount so I'll be hitting that up for sure. 

Know of any other great deals I need to know about- preferably ones I can participate in from the coziness of my couch and computer?

Happy Thanksgiving and black friday shopping!!! 


  1. Shopping for more cloth diapers to add to the stash! Its a little harder for me to due the whole black friday thing since I am in Canada so the internet is my friend!

    1. Yes great idea!! I got like 80% of our stash last year on black friday, small business sat and cyber monday! Got some awesome deals!! I don't think I paid more than half price for most of our diapers.

  2. Friend companies you want on Facebook! For instance ergo just announced on their Facebook page their 25% sale this weekend.