Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm probably the only one who feels this way but I am GLAD Halloween is over. I'm just not a huge fan of the holiday. Yeah it's lots of fun for the kiddos and kids in costumes? Adorable. Other than that? I could do with out. Maybe it's because I grew up not celebrating? Before you feel sorry for me and think my parents were horrible for not taking me trick or treating, it's because we I spent my childhood in Sweden where they didn't have Halloween (until the last few years from what I see on my Swedish friends FB) and by the time I spent a halloween in the states I was way to old to trick or treat. 

But I don't let me non love for the holiday get in the way of Jasper's (and now Tindra's!) fun! I try to find as many halloween related activities to go to. This year we did boo at the zoo, Jasper had a halloween party and parade at school, a halloween birthday party to attend last weekend and last night we did trick or treating in our neighborhood PLUS  Wash Park's trick or treat street. See told you we don't let my dislike (and drew's not a huge fan either) of the holiday ruin it for the kids! Plus of course pumpkin patches every year at Least once- but those I gladly get on board with!

This was only the second time we have taken Jasper trick or treating. I don't see the point in taking a baby, or even young toddlers (unless they have older siblings) but two years ago we finally took him and he of course enjoyed it. Last year I was right in the middle of horrible all day 'morning' sickness and convinced him (easily) to stay home and pass out candy at the door. He got such a kick out of that. This year I knew there was no getting out of taking him.  And I was slightly dreading it. It's just so awkward I feel like, ringing on someones door, saying trick or treat and expecting candy? Gah I don't enjoy it, BUT it's for the kids and Jasper LOVED it. And it was a good time to work on being polite, looking strangers in the eye when talking to them and thanking them.

But I was totally that mom that made Drew or myself walk up to the door holding his hand. Yep I'm the ultra paranoid mamma and Jasper got annoyed especially when he saw all the other kids just running wild and free but tough buddy you are gonna have to deal with a paranoid mamma for the rest of my life. 

I of course didn't get any pictures of the actual trick or treating, I was too anxious and paranoid with all the hundreds of kids and making sure one of us had a hold of Jasper at all times, but I did get a few before we left!


  1. 1. She is GORGEOUS.

    2. He's so sweet

    3. You are flawless!

  2. Better to be paranoid then to have something happen! :) They are so cute in their costumes!