Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I needed to put some clothes away in Tindra's room yesterday so I brought her in with me and put her in her crib for a minute. Jasper immediately came running in and asked if he could climb in too. At first I said "Sorry Jasper you are just too big for a crip!" And then remembered that it was only 1.5 years ago that he was in one (what?!?!) and he has only gained maybe two lbs (but like 5 inches) since then. So in he climbed!

Tindra's face immediately lit up when he laid down next to her. She sure does love her big brother! He sang to her, tickled her toys, and just talked to her. All the things she loves best.

As I  was putting the last of her clothes away I heard him whisper
"I love you I love you I love you"

He truly does love his sister so much. I hope one day she realizes just how lucky she is to have him.