Thursday, June 25, 2015

Slooooow down

Time needs to. Summer needs to.

I just realized that its JULY next week. And I feel like we are just getting started! I get kind of panicky when I realize how much I want to pack in in such a short amount of time, parks and pools and beaches and library trips and and and..the list goes on. 

I've also realized that with THREE kids and just myself (during the week) I can't do everything I want to do. We really only have between 9-12 to get out before naps and after naps its been too hot to really do anything outside (think 97 degrees- blah) so there's really only time for one activity/morning.

I've also been trying to squeeze in 30-45 min at the Y to get a quick work out in. But mainly to have a few minutes to myself a day because 2/3 of the kids love going there to play and the other 1/3 doesn't care as long as someone is holding him. I'll let you figure out which kid. 

Throw in swim lessons twice a week for the big kids and it feels like theres ZERO time left for anything else. 

But so far we are having a fantastic summer! We've managed different parks, an ikea morning, the zoo today, a couple different splash parks and lots of bike rides. 

All this jabbering to say.. SLOW DOWN summer, we have lots left to fit in. 

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