Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Frozen Birthday

I've decided Instagram is the reason I suck at blogging lately! I know, big epiphany for me. I think I've already blogged about something, and then realize nope, sure didn't, just a quick IG pic and caption. But I want this blog to be a little journal of my kids childhood, not instagram, so I need to do better at blogging important milestones even if I've already shared on IG. And even if it's 2 months late..whoops. 
So in true L/O fashion (our last names) we woke up the birthday kiddo with a cupcake, candle and a couple presents in bed. It's a Swedish tradition we have done since Jasper's 2nd birthday and its a favorite. Who doesn't want a cupcake in bed? 

After taking Jasper to school, Soren, Tindra and I headed to Jump Street and met a couple friends there and she spent the morning bouncing her little heart out on the over sized trampolines and bouncy castles/slides. Followed by the most epic nap. Must remember: three hrs on the trampoline = three hrs of sleep.
After naps and getting Jasper from school I suggested we go to Chipotle or somewhere for dinner, nope she requested 'mac and cheese and green beans' so we had that super special dinner and then we Were going to head to ice cream..but instead got surprised by ELSA! 

Drew hired Elsa to come hang out with T for an hour, and she basically lad her year made. Elsa painted her nails and face (and Jaspers) and sang and danced with her, read a story..I might have teared up like 5 times because it was basically the sweetest thing I've ever witnessed. And we will officially never be able to top her third birthday. The bar has been set preeeeetty high. 
We celebrated again with Drew on Saturday because he couldn't be there on her birthday, and he went and got her Another cake. So between the second cake and swimming at the best pool (APEX Center in Arvada for anyone local) she had a pretty fantastic second celebration. 
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