Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A summer day in pictures, with #V8EnergyBoost

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Now that summer is here (finally!) our days are getting even crazier. I didn't think that was possible! The kids are staying up a little later, which means I'm staying up later which naturally means..less sleep. Since my kids have never gotten the memo that going to bed later should equal sleeping in later. 

I'm trying to limit myself to one (large!) morning cup of coffee a day and maybe an ice tea in the afternoon, but this past weekend when I was at Walmart I picked up a package of V8 V- Fusion+Energy for my afternoon pick me up. Drew ended up stealing half of them so I know I'm going to have to go get more for him as well. Super refreshing and delicious! 

I found it in the fruit aisle, not in the refrigerated section and they have several different flavors. This time I tried Pomegranate Blueberry, but I can't wait to try Peach Mango and Orange Pineapple. 

Monday, Jasper's first official start of summer break was a busy one, as I imagine most of our days will continue to be.

And now for our day in pictures. 

My day started at 5 (or really 2 if you want to get technical) when Soren woke me up to eat. I tried going back to sleep, but as soon as I did he wanted to eat again so I decided just to get up for the day and attempt a work out in. I got maybe 10 minutes in when Jasper woke up wanting breakfast.

Eggs for him, coffee and Greek yoghurt for myself.

After Tindra and Soren were up for the day we got ready and headed to the splash park for some play time. 

After the Splash park we met someone who was buying an old stroller for me (turns out 6 strollers isn't Really necessary) and lunch at chick file before heading home for naps.

After getting Soren and Tindra down for nap at the same time (miracle!) I set Jasper up with some summer work sheets and a book. Yes I'm that boring mom that makes her kid to school work even in the summer. While he read and did some math I did laundry and started to pack for our week long trip. Not smart to start packing for a family of 5 the day before you leave. Procrastination at its finest. 

This is when I sipped on my first delicious V8 Energy. It couldn't have come at a better time. Chasing after two kids at a splash park all morning out in the sun while wearing the other one had me beat, but this was just the sweet pick me up I needed to get packing. 

After packing and nursing and more packing and nursing we headed to the library to sign up for the kids summer reading program and check out some books and movies for our trip. I convinced Jasper to get some boxcar kids books, those were some of my favorite in elementary school. Along with Babysitters club of course. 

After the library we ran home for a quick dinner of champions. Lara bar and cheese stick. Hashtag we are leaving for vacation and I didn't want dirty dishes. 

After dinner it was Jaspers night for swimming lessons. During his lessons I first fed Soren and then put him in the nursery for 20 minutes (his second time ever) for 20 minutes and did a quick work out, if you can call a speed walk on an incline a work out. I haven't worked out in basically a year, so I'm calling it one!

As soon as we got home it was bed for the big kids, nursing for Soren and then bed and then as soon as Drew walked in the door I ran to target to get the last minute things needed for our trip before heading home to help Drew load up the car for our 6 AM departure Tuesday morning.
And there's how V8 V-Fusion+Energy helped me survive my jam packed summer day. What do you do do for an afternoon pick me up? Let me know and head on over to win in the V8 V-Fusion+Energy Sweepstakes! 

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