Friday, June 12, 2015

A mini adventure

We escaped all the apparent rain Denver is having early Tuesday morning and made our way to gorgeous Jackson Hole Wyoming. Drew needed to come here for a work trip and with Jasper out of school it was the perfect time for us to tag along. I'm so in awe of the beauty surrounding us on all sides. Living in Colorado has some amazing perks, like fantastic views, but I have to say it's nothing like being the valley, surrounded on all sides by the Tetons. 

Drew has been working during the days so far, so after breakfast together, the kids and I take off to explore the town and parks. I was planning on doing things like the local rec center for swimming, children's museum etc, but I've found that just bring snacks and exploring a new park a day has them perfectly content. 

While we were in Sweden last summer Drew and I halfway joked that vacationing with kids was basically just exploring new parks, and it's kind of true!

Yesterday we found a park by accident thats walking distance from where we are staying, right with the locals and not in a tourist area at all, just a little cute neighborhood. While there I met two moms who immediately introduced themselves and within minutes had exchanged numbers to meet up today. I mean, now nice are Wyomingites? Thats a word, I was old. Seriously everyone here is So friendly. 

Today we met up with our new friends at a cute local park I never would have found that had a little stream for the kids to play in. It was freezing, naturally, from the mountain snow/ice but that didn't stop the kids from playing for hours! 

And tonight we went to THE most perfect restaurant. Not because the food was amazing (which it totally was, with most of the ingredients used are from within 30 miles of here- talk about local) but because in between the two restaurants was a little field, stocked with balls and cones for the kids to run and play while waiting for dinner. Tons of tables spilled out over the patio and into the grass, so parents can sit outside and enjoy a drink/dinner while the kids are making friends in the grass. How perfect is that? Another thing locals told us about. When you travel- MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE LOCALS, they know all the best spots. If we have time before we leave we are definitely going back to check out the restaurant next door so the kids can once again play in the grass. It's the absolute best way to enjoy a meal because lets be honest, eating out with three kids is not exactly a relaxing activity. 

And of course a few pictures from our trip thus far. 

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  1. what an amazing gift you are giving your children with all of these adventures

  2. Ive always wanted to go!