Monday, July 6, 2015

Three Day Weekend

Mondays after three day weekends are rough. Mondays after three day weekend and I'm out of coffee? Brutal. BUT after I fed Soren Drew took him down to hang out with him while he got ready to work and I got to stay in bed an extra 45 min. Which was complete bliss and almost makes up for the fact that I don't have coffee. Almost.

We had such a good three day weekend. If every friday could just become part of the weekend that would work really good for me. 

Friday morning we decided to head to our old neighborhood mini water park. We used to go there a lot when we lived 5 min away but have only been once since moving into Denver almost 5 years ago! We took the kids by our old house and I was surprised that Jasper recognized it right away. We only lived there for a year when he was 2! But we have been back since to drive by so he might just be remembering that, not actually living there. 

The kids were being so good and having such a fun time we decided to stay for lunch and past nap time (I'm pretty strict about nap times for my sanity so its super rare for me to forgo that) and all the kids ended up taking a little nap in the car on the way home.

Saturday was so last night minute on our plans. We are never actually in Denver for the 4th so we didn't know What we wanted to do. Last year we were in Sweden and the year before that in the mountains. We ended up getting donuts and heading to the park in the morning, and in the afternoon playing outside and then grilling out at some friends and catching some fireworks from their front porch. Perfect low key 4th! 

Waking up Sunday after two days off already (by off I mean Drews off so I have help, which feels like a total vacation) and realizing we still have another whole day together is the best. We decided to go to Confluence Park. Its a tiny little beach along the Platt River right in the middle of Denver. A fun urban little area, minus the homeless guys sleeping on the benches and the broken glass from beer bottles we kept finding.. thank God for the invention of water shoes! The kids had so much fun in the river and digging in the sand. Jasper said 'Its like we are in North Carolina already!' Ha. He has no idea apparently whats in store for him in a week and a half when we get to the Real beach! 

After playing at the 'beach' we went and grabbed some delicious burgers and fries before heading home for a late nap (for the kids) and some cleaning for Drew and I. 

All in all, a fantastic 3 day weekend! Friday we lave for Iowa and next Wednesday the kids and I head to North Carolina!