Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Jackson Hole; Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone

And we are back! Got back last night from a great little vacation in Wyoming. I couldn't get over how beautiful it is there. Seriously everywhere you turn, beauty. I think we are a bit spoiled here in Colorado with how beautiful it is here, but I've got to say I think Wyoming has us beat. 

Like I mentioned, Drew was there for work so Wed-Friday he was busy so the kids and I were out exploring on our own. But Saturday and Sunday we got as a family to explore Grand Teton National park and Yellowstone. 

 ^Those Tetons are something else right? ^

 ^Getting a little steam bath from the hot springs in yellowstone^

 ^My dad lives on the other side of Yellowstone so we met him halfway!^

 ^One of my favorites from the whole trip. Hanging out at String Lake in Teton National Park. The water is the warmest because the lake is so shallow. It was breathtaking^

 ^Lunch In Moose is necessary for these amazing views alone. And Mount Owen Pizza^

 ^Another favorite, Granite Hot Springs. In the summer the water is about 94 degrees, which is Perfect. We decided Soren needed to come in for a few minutes too and the whole time he just snuggled up against me, in complete heaven. I bet it felt like being in the womb.^

 ^Coolest restaurants. These two places next to each other have this field in the middle stocked with balls and cones for the kids to play while waiting for our food. It was the most relaxing dining experience with kids probably ever. We went to one one night, and tried to go to the other restaurant the next night but they had a big bridal party there and it was an hour wait to sit outside so we found somewhere else to eat^

 ^Town Square. Notice Tindra's eyes..she was ridiculously tired that day^

I can't wait to go back here some day when the kids are older and take them white water rafting and horse back riding! And canoeing! So much to do in this gorgeous area of the country. 
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  1. wow, what a beautiful place!! Love all the photos!

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