Monday, June 1, 2015


It's not just this little space of mine that I've been slacking at. Its my life in general. The house (a mess) Me (a mess) Laundry (total mess) my weight loss and fitness goals (ha. haven't even begun) And it's time for a change. 

I've spent most minutes of the past few months focus every waking minute on the Soren, Tindra and Jasper. And I don't regret a second of it. I felt guilty for spending so much time nursing Soren I spent all the other time making sure Jasper and Tindra didn't feel neglected. But now it's time to focus on other things as well. Or this house is going to eat us alive and I'll keep being miserable with this mom tummy I've got going on. 

I've always been better at following through with my goals when I put them out there. So thats what I'm doing now. It's June 1st and I'm making some June goals for myself. And I expect you guys to help keep me accountable! And thank you all so much for sticking by this little blog, even when I'm barely checking in! I promise to get better. This space means too much to me to not do a better job keeping up with it. 

June Goals

1. Get back to blogging regularly. 
Jasper only has a few more days of school, and him and Tindra play so well together so I'm hoping he will help keep her occupied for a little bit in the morning so I can get more done around the house and I can use nap time for some blogging time again. He will be doing some school work every day during nap time so maybe that will be our 'work time' together. 

2. Get this house completely organized again. Plan: Purge Purge Purge! I'm ready to get rid of a LOT of stuff. Stay tuned to more about this later. 

3. Get fit, lose weight. Soren is up to date on all shots now so I'm ready to attempt to take him to the Y gym for a little bit. Probably just 30 minutes here and there, but with all three kids home all day every days with me this summer I think it will be a welcome distraction for all of us. Jasper and Tindra have always loved going there, and it gives me a little break. My goal is to lose 10 pounds by mid July when we leave for Iowa and North Carolina for a beach vacation with my family. I don't know how attainable that is with breast feeding and everything, but I've got 5-6 pounds till pre pregnancy weight and another 5 to pre Sweden weight. If I just get to pre pregnancy weight though I'll be happy with that to start! 

Okay thats my main goals, lots of mini ones in there as well. Like cooking one NEW healthy meal each week.

Do you have summer goals you need help keeping yourself to? Lets hear it! 

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  1. hi old friend!!! i have SO missed being in the blog world and this post is completely 100% me too right now, minus the babes of course. congrats on the new little one and cheers to getting back in the saddle!!!

    1. Angela!! Hi! Thank you! Hope you are doing great!