Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2 Months

Yep no idea how he's 2 months already (okay last friday..) but at the same time, it feels like he's always been apart of the family. He totally fits right in with this crazy crew. I do believe he's the biggest 'mamma's boy/girl' this family has seen. And that's saying something. At least twice a day Tindra says "Soren sure does love you mom', melts my heart. I'll take it because I'm equally obsessed with him. 

He sleeps good at night, usually 8PM-7AM, with eating 11, 4 and 6 (ish) I know Tindra was sleeping like 8 hrs at this point, Jasper too but he just wakes up to eat and then back to bed in the bassinet next to me so it's not too bad. One of these nights (years) I'll get a full night sleep. And it will be heavenly. 

During the day he will go 2-4 hrs in between eating. Totally zero schedule. I gave up on trying to get him on any sort of schedule. He clearly runs the show. He loves to eat. Its hands down his favorite thing in the world.

He loves his woombie. When he starts getting tired and fussy I just zip him  in that thing and he's out. 

We had his two month check up on friday and he's 24 inches (90th percentile!) and 11 pounds 11 oz, 45%. I don't think Jasper or Tindra have ever been over 25th% for weight, so if I had to make beds..Soren is going to be the biggest one yet! Probably a good thing since if given the chance Tindra will use him as a pillow. 

He is such a content, happy baby who just wants to be fed and held. And since he's most likely our last, I'll cuddle and feed him all day and night if he wants, this stage goes by way tooooo fast!

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