Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sweden, Part 4: Ljusdal

I'm SO behind on these Europe recaps, but bare with me. They are coming. Whether you want them to or not ;) I don't ever want to forget this trip and I want the kiddos to be able to some day read about them, and why have a blog if I can't share these moments? 

Here are the other Sweden recaps, Part 1,  part 2,  part 3. I have a feeling this will be like a 20 part series, keeping things short and simple is not something I'm known for!

When we left the J hotel in Stockholm we hopped on a train to Ljusdal, about 3 hrs north of Stockholm, and where I grew up. I still have family there and friends who are like family. It was the total opposite of our crazy, jam packed touristy days in Stockholm and it was perfect. When planning this trip we knew with being gone three weeks we were going to need a combination of relaxing and being on the constant go, and we couldn't have possibly planned having those relaxing days in Ljusdal after Stockholm. 

We stayed out at our friends house out in the country, and it's basically the most gorgeous piece of land out there. The kids never wanted to leave. They were happy to spend from sun up to..well bed time since the sun doesn't set in the summer there, outside running around. And we were happy to sit on their deck eating, and drinking (mainly coffee!), and eating some more watching them play after our busy busy week. 
And some pictures from our first couple days there. They had a really rainy early summer and everything was even greener than normal! 

 ^Ridiculous view from our friends back deck. Can you see why we didn't want to leave?^

 ^T and the boys^

 ^Sofie made us the best food. Every day.^

 ^ A couple of things about the stilts..I discovered a new talent of mine while in Sweden. I can actually walk on stilts! Like pretty well! A friend and I even had a race and 'ran' on them. She definitely won, but I could keep up! And didn't fall! I need to find a way to use this skill..^
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  1. Wow, what a beautiful area! B. and I are seriously thinking about spending our summer holidays in Sweden. These posts are making me want to visit even more!

    1. You need to! And then we can meet up when we are there one day :)

  2. i just love your travel posts, they are probably my favorite!

    1. Thank you! They are probably my favorite to write :)