Monday, January 5, 2015

Sledding day!

Like I mentioned, we got back late Thursday night from our week in Iowa, and by Friday morning we were ready to get going on all the organization we needed to do. After a HUGE brunch at one of our favorite spots (because hello, no food in the house after being gone) we got to work. Friday evening we made a run to Ikea for a new bed for Tindra, and while there decided we needed other things for our organization, but didn't have measurements. So that meant we had to go back Saturday morning. 

By Sunday we were all a little crabby from all the work we were doing, and still had a TON to do (seriously how do we have SO MUCH STUFF!) but mamma decided we needed to make time for a morning of fun. I interrupted Drew as he was halfway through building a shelf for our new toys closet and told him we were going sledding. At first he was a little reluctant to break stride, but as soon as we got there he kept repeating what a great idea it was. 

Sometimes you just need to drop what you are doing and go sledding in 10 degree weather, right? I asked a Denver mom's group what the best sledding hills around where because near us there are just tiny ones and I didn't feel like spending 30 min driving into the suburbs, boy am I glad I did. We now know the best sledding park around, and its less than 10 minutes from us! I seriously don't know how we didn't know about this park. If you are in Denver, Ruby Hill is where you need to go sledding. Several different big hills (not fun for this preggo to walk up) and some small ones perfect for the little ones. We did a combination of both and it's safe to say the entire family had a blast. Tindra kept shrieking again agaaaaaiinnnn every time she got to the bottom of the hill with Drew or I. We did realize we need to make a major sled upgrade before our next sledding weekend though! Ours looked quite pitiful compared to some of these other ones. Kids were even snowboarding and skiing down these hills- they are That good! 

My snow pants wouldn't even zip a little bit so I'm wearing Drew's. And I forgot my one jacket that even halfway buttons in Iowa so I'm wearing Drew's flannel and vest. That might be my daily uniform for the next ten cold weeks. 
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