Monday, January 26, 2015

SNICKERS Dip; #BigGameTreats

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Who is ready for the Big Game this weekend? I know we are! Obviously our team is out, but my second favorite team will be playing, along with my least favorite team (can you guess which is which?!) so I'm still excited for the game! 

I always make Drew's favorite nacho recipe for all the big games, and I'm sure I'll still make that as well, but being 8 months pregnant this time around and having a major sweet tooth this pregnancy, I need to make something to satisfy my cravings as well. Two of my biggest cravings this time around have been chocolate and cream cheese, so I decided to combine the two in a fruit dip, and it did Not disappoint!

My shopping assistant and I headed to Walmart to get all the necessary ingredients for this concoction; SNICKERS® Fruit Dip. SNICKERS, a package of cream cheese and a jar of marshmallow fluff. Tindra insisted on throwing some Skittles® in the cart as well. I mean, can you blame her? She has her mother's sweet tooth. 

Random fact, we had been in a different neighborhood of Denver delivering something to a friend so I decided to see if there was a Walmart near her house. A quick look at my phone told me there was one just a couple of miles away. What my phone map failed to indicate was that it was this locations grand opening! Imagine my surprise when I walk into a super crowded store to a man leading 20+ shoppers in Zumba in the produce aisle..I still didn't catch on to it being a grand opening though till a Walmart worker stopped me to hand me a store map and a pack of coupons. Not even the balloons tied to the doors gave it away for me. Can we blame pregnancy brain on this one? Probably not. 

And for the recipe: 
3/4 C of chopped up SNICKERS
1 Jar of Marshmallow fluff
1 Package of Cream Cheese

Melt marshmallow fluff in microwave for  about 20 seconds, then add in cream cheese (that I had sitting out on counter to get to room temperature) and stir till it's all blended together. Lastly, add in your chopped up snickers, stir until well blended and chill in fridge for an hour or two before serving. 
Serve with apple slices, or fruit kebobs (or just eat by the spoon full, like Jasper recommends.)

Ridiculously easy right? I tested it out on the entire family even though I really didn't want to share. I needed to make sure it wasn't just one of those 'I'm pregnant so throwing things together taste really good, but in reality the average person hates it' type of things before I bring it over to our friends for the Big Game. Turns out, they all thought it was amazing as well. Drew said the only way you wouldn't like it is if you don't like SNICKERS or cream cheese. But really, do people like that even exist?

For your football parties, are you more into a sweet recipe like this one, or a heartier one like Drew is with his nachos? Or do you want to eat it me? 

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  1. Obsessed with snickers! Might have to make this for our party since our team WOOP WOOP is in the super bowl!

  2. I definitely agree this looks delicious - and I'm definitely not 8 months pregnant! Congrats on your pregnancy! And thanks for a yummy easy dessert! #client

  3. omg that looooook soooooo yummmmmyyyyyyyyyy