Friday, July 25, 2014

Stockholm Part 1: Skansen

As I mentioned before, the first 5 days of our trip we spent in Stockholm, staying at the J Hotel. The first few days we are were all so exhausted and jet lagged that it would take us a while to get up and going. I had to wake Drew and the kids up every morning (first time Ever I have had to wake the kids up I think) and they probably would have been content to sleep the day away, but I wasn't going to let that happen! 

Each morning we would wake up, eat a HUGE delicious breakfast at the hotel and then walk the 3 minutes to the boat. One day we were in more of a rush so we took the bus into down which only took 10 minutes where as the boat took us about 20. 

The day after we arrived there was a big midsummer celebration at skansen, an open air museum/zoo and it was the highest thing on my MUST DO list for Stockholm. I haven't spent midsummer in Sweden since I was probably 10 and it was something I couldn't wait to share with the kids! Jasper especially had so much fun running around, playing at the park there, seeing the animals and just being outside after our long traveling.
 ^First picture I took in Sweden except for one of the kids in the taxi sleeping. View from our hotel at 10-11PM. That midnight sun is something else^
 ^Enjoying delicious coffee on the dock waiting for the boat to arriver to take us to Skansen^

 ^On the boat! All the boats we took quickly became Tindra's favorite mode of public transportation^
 ^Midsummer pole at Skansen^

 ^Amazing views around the whole park/zoo/museum^

^Of course we had to be like the real Swedes and get flowers for our hair (don't mind the tired, jet lagged toddler. They did So well for being exhausted^

 ^Drew and I couldn't wait to have these hot dogs again. I don't know What it is about Swedish hot dogs but they are SO so good. I promise. I rarely eat hot dogs in America but there I could (and sometimes did..) eat them twice a day!^
^Once we got the kids to sleep in the hotel room, fairly easy considering how little sleep we were going on..Drew and I enjoyed a few ciders out on our balcony. The perfect ending to the perfect day^
*All of these pictures were taken with my or Drew's iphone*
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  1. oh my word these pictures make me HAVE to go to stockholm!

  2. Looks like you had so much fun!

  3. Great photos! And that pear cider looks so good