Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A little Christmas recap

Before Valentines day.. We had Such a good Christmas morning. Maybe the best one yet? I think I have that same thought every year though, at least now after having kids. Getting to be Santa is just the best thing ever! 

Jasper has been asking since Tindra was an infant if on Christmas eve he could sleep in Tindra's room with her, and I had said maybe when she's 2..well that was obviously this year. We set her crib mattress on the floor, and pulled out Jasper's old crib mattress, and after hot chocolate and The Night Before Christmas and some Christmas caroling in bed let them try to fall asleep.. I knew it was going to be a slight disaster. She was just too excited to fall asleep with Jasper there next to her. After going in about a dozen times in between wrapping presents (please someone remind me to get started wrapping in like November next years) and building a doll house (which by the way I think you needed an architect degree to be able to do by yourself) they were finally out. About 2 hours past bed time. Oh well! Christmas time!

Jasper woke us up at 4:45 (I kid you not) and normally I'm all for waking up super duper early on Christmas but I was a grinch and made him go back to bed and took Tindra into bed with us to fall back asleep. For two reasons. 1, Drew had been up till 2:30 building Jasper's basketball hoop, and 2. We were leaving for Iowa that afternoon where I knew Drew would be driving us till the middle of the night so for our safety, I needed him to get more than 2 hrs of sleep. Kids fell bask asleep and by 7 were ready to see if Santa had come. 

We spent the morning slowly opening presents, playing with some new toys, playing a few games and eating the most delicious monkey bread. Which by the way mine did Not turn out looking like the Pioneer Woman's-shocker but was still amazing. I decided either things rise more than normal here in the altitude (totally possible) or maybe she used a bigger bunt cake pan? Regardless, it wasn't pretty but it was Amazing. 

Drew spoiled me Big time with an amazing new little camera. I'm Totally still learning how to work it. In fact, for some reason it's seeming more complicated than my DSLR's but when he bought it he bought some package where I can go in to the camera store and get a little lesson on working this camera so I will definitely be taking advantage of that! 

After our morning of opening presents, Tindra went down for a nap and we packed up the car and got on the road in the afternoon for our 10-11 hr car ride to Iowa where we spent time with both of our families! Wonderful wonderful break back in Iowa. Minus the snow storm we hit leaving Colorado and the uncomfortable car ride! I've decided long car rides in the third trimester, are Not for me. 
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  1. Looks like a fun Christmas morning! Jasper and Tindra are so cute together!

  2. what a great christmas! how is the pregnancy going, no updates in a while!