Saturday, October 18, 2014

Treading water.

That's sort of how I have been feeling since late July when this pregnancy start kicking my ass. 

I feel like I've just been getting by with the bare minimum this pregnancy. 

I'm feeding my kids, but lets be honest, more days than not it's a bagel for breakfast and Annies (at least it's organic?) mac and cheese with a side of green beans and grapes for dinner.

I'm at every one of Jasper's soccer practices and games, and thankfully the games have all been in the mornings so I've been okay for those, but the practices, more often than not instead of paying super strict attention, I've been trying to keep Tindra out of the baseball diamond dirt while dry heaving/throwing up behind the bushes. 

Instead of reading 30 minutes of books to the kids every night, I've often been found on the cool bathroom floor while Drew takes over bed time on the nights he makes it home on time. 

Instead of coming up with the craft for Jasper's school Halloween party and buying and bringing all the supplies like I did last year for Jaspers holiday party, I signed up to bring bananas. I don't even know what the bananas are for, but I signed up and figured bananas were the safest bet. 

Like I said, barely treading water. 

Our dirty laundry pile is to the point it's so daunting, I sort of want to burn it all and wonder who would really notice. Luckily, no one in this family is hurting in the clothing department, so by looking at our full closets you wouldn't even realize I have only been doing laundry when Jasper is about out of socks or we need clean towels. Which how a family of four manages to go through SO many damn towels in a week is beyond me. Especially since only one of us (it's not me. or either kid) showers every single day. 

Needless so to say, this pregnancy is kicking my ass. I keep waiting for that second trimester energy to kick in....any daaaaay now? 

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  1. It's all ok, you're growing a little human in there!

  2. You are doing fantastic! And just remember, there are plenty of kids who eat like that/dont get as much attention and care on an every day basis. Yours is momentary while you are sick and growing a human!

  3. I'm So glad I'm not the only one who has felt like this! Thank you for posting