Monday, October 27, 2014

Pregnancy must have's: Third time around

Now that I'm about halfway through my third pregnancy (how is that even possible?!) I finally feel prepared enough to write about it. I'm obviously no where near an expert, and some how each pregnancy has been drastically different. I don't know how that is possible either! 

mama mío tummy rub oil; this has been my number one pregnancy must have this pregnancy And last. Mama mio was amazing and sent me a package with this and some other goodies, and I'm definitely making an order soon. It actually smells GOOD and doesn't leave my all greasy. Morning and night this belly gets slathered in this!

mama mio facial wipes; I'm going to need to get another pack of these Stat. I haven't been doing a good job washing my face unless in the shower, especially when I was super sick for over 2 months. The last thing I wanted to do at night was wash my face. BUT after throwing up most nights, I would use one of these and my skin has never felt better. And usually I have horrible skin during pregnancy. Not this time around! I keep them right next to my bed, so there's never an excuse not to use them at night. 

Water. I drink at least 120 oz a day, often more. And yes, I have to pee every 20 minutes. I'm sure this baby is sitting super low so that doesn't help with that situation either. 

A good dry brush. I have this one I bought at whole foods. Forever ago. It's probably time to replace it. It helps my dry itchy skin. I do this in the evenings (when I'm not feeling too lazy) before putting on my mama mio oil. 

Ginger hard candies from Whole Foods. When feeling super nauseous they would help a bit. Not a ton, but often enough to keep my head out of the toilet. Important while driving/ school pick up etc. as it was super impractical to be throwing up during moments like that. 

Long tank tops. From various places. I stick them under any non maternity shirt and make most of my regular shirts work through pregnancy. I hate buying maternity clothes as they are only used for a few months so I stay away from maternity tops for the most part but do wear maternity jeans now and some leggings. 

What are your pregnancy must haves? 
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  1. ill have to try that oil! I've been needing a good smelling one! Also a march 2015 mom! Another must have for me has been netflix ;)