Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Every year, my favorite activity to do with the kiddos is a pumpkin patch. Maybe it's because the first time I ever went to one was when I took Jasper for the first time? (Before you feel sorry for me and think my parents just refused to take me..I grew up in Sweden, where I don't even know if they grow pumpkins? And Halloween isn't something they celebrated till the last couple of years, and it's definitely nothing like here.) 

But whatever the reason is, I'm pretty sure I enjoy it even more than they do. 

Tindra would have been happy to spend all day there, going around expecting each and every pumpkin. Also trying to pick up every single pumpkin. She was definitely the pickiest with her pumpkin choice! 

The pumpkin farm we usually go to also has animals to see and pet, bouncy houses, pumpkin cookies and bread and you can really spend all day there if you wish! I was looking back and old patch pictures, and the thing about Colorado in the fall is you have no idea what the weather is going to be. We left early in the morning and it was chilly, but we got stuck behind some Denver Marathon runners and then behind a train, so by the time we got there it was at least 20 degrees warmer! Welcome to Colorado in the fall! Or really any season. 

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