Friday, October 3, 2014

Iceland and the Blue Lagoon

While we were planning our summer vacation to Sweden, we knew we wanted to fit in a stopover in Iceland somehow. We had originally planned for a few days, but then as we we realized everything we wanted to fit into our Sweden stay we realized we didn't have the time. And honestly thought just one day in Iceland would be plenty. Oh were we wrong! After just an hour or two in Iceland we realized this was a place we just have to come back to.

We spent our whole Iceland stopover at the airpot and the Blue Lagoon and it was So worth it! Not only was it nice to break up our trip (7 hr flight from Denver to Reykjavik and then about a 3 hr flight from Reykjavik to Stockholm but the whole experience can only be described as magical.

We flew into Reykjavik at 7 AM (which by the way is midnight, Denver time) so we were all exhausted. That was the only downside to this whole experience. But their airport is small and easy to navigate, and since our luggage was going straight through to Stockholm we didn't have to worry about that and by 7:30 we were waiting in line to get on a bus to take us to the Blue Lagoon. While I waited in line and bought our tickets (which includes your bus far to and from the Blue Lagoon And the whole blue lagoon experience) Drew grabbed some caffeine and Icelandic donuts (incredible) and by 8:30 we were on our way to the Blue Lagoon. The bus ride was short, maybe 15-20 minutes through the prettiest, foggy landscape and then we were there!

They have a big locker room right before you even get in where you can pay a small amount to leave your luggage. I had packed a bag with swims suits and a change of clothes, so we left the rest of our carry on luggage, stroller and carseat and headed in. 

Inside they have these awesome locker rooms as well with these futuristic lockers that you use your wrist band they give you to electronically open and lock your locker. These wrist bands are also how you rent towels, and buy drinks and smoothies at the swim up bar (I know right?) in the lagoon so you don't have to carry cash or a key or anything and just pay on your way out. '

We spent the next three or so hours swimming, lounging, drinking delicious smoothies (and pepsi for me, a beer for Drew which didn't seem weird even though it was 10 AM since technically it was like 2 Am for us and we had yet to go to sleep.) I was worried about how kid friendly it would be, and while I didn't see many kids there, they had floaties for all kids (actually they were required which annoyed Jasper) and the kids had a blast as well. Even going on three hrs of sleep. 

They even have big buckets you can find in certain areas of the lagoon that have some sort of volcanic mud that you are supposed to coat your body/face with. We did, several times and it felt amazing. Pretty sure every piece of dead/dry skin was soaked off and my skin had never felt better. My hair on the other hand? Was pretty gross for the next several days. When showering before getting in (which they are Very strict about) apparently there were signs saying to put the conditioner they have there for you in your hair and leaving it in before going in the Lagoon. I missed these signs. And paid the price. 

After we were done in the Lagoon and showered (so grateful they had nice hot showers and actually really good shampoo and conditioner to use) we went an had lunch in the cafeteria. We shared a couple of different sandwiches that were actually really good, and I discovered a chocolate bar with liquid mint in the middle that was Incredible. I had no idea what I was buying, but yep, worth that risk! 

We ended up back at the airport with like 3 hrs to spare, just because I was nervous about the whole 'be at the airport two hrs before when it's an international flight' deal. But I don't think that rule applies for Reykjavik and their tiny airpot because we made it through security in 10 minutes (with a sleeping toddler strapped to my chest- which they did Not make me wake up, take her off of me.) Tindra was so exhausted at this point she even let me put her in her car seat, strap her in and then bungee cord her car seat to the stroller without opening an eye. She spent almost the whole time at the airport asleep. 

When she woke up Drew stayed with our bags and I took the kids down to a little play area they have and we grabbed a snack and played before loading our flight to Stockholm. Easiest air port experience I have ever had with both kids! And it was the same on our way back. I will always choose to fly through Iceland when going to Europe from now on if I have the choice!

If you want to read more about Iceland, make sure you check out Lauren's itinerary, her pictures will help convince you that Iceland Needs to be on your list. 

*All pictures are taken with Drew's iPhone, by either Drew or I. 

*These pictures clearly show my resting bitch face. A look I perfected as an infant. Also, keep in mind at this point I had been awake for 24+ hrs. And the weather was Really weird. I left my sunglasses in my locker because it was cloudy and misty, but then randomly it would get Really bright out, to the point I could barely see. And then it would rain again,and back and forth. Like I said, it was quite magical. Being in that hot water, with rain coming down, is something I'll never forget. And it was super cozy to hide under the bridges during some of the rain spurts. 
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  1. The pictures with the clouds, they look so close! I think you summed it up right with magical!