Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A little pregnancy update!

In some ways this pregnancy is crawling by, especially when I was feeling like death, but now that school has started (for Jasper, not me) things are starting to fly. And in just a couple of weeks I'll be halfway!

I just had my 17 week appointment and so far everything is looking good! In just over 3 weeks I'll be back for my 20 week ultrasound and we will be confirming hopefully that we have a healthy baby BOY growing in there!

Let's see what else, I had lost a bunch of weight in the first tri, but finally 3 weeks ago I got on some meds to make me stop throwing up every night and it's working! Three weeks and no more throwing up! 

And a little bump date, I did these last time and they are fun to go back and look at. I'm a couple days shy of 17 days but I'm doing it anyway.

How far along: Just about 17 weeks.
Size of Baby: Inbetween an avocado and a bell pepper, about 6 oz
Total Weight Gain:I gained back all the weight I lost in the past three weeks now that I'm no longer sick, plus 2 more, so up two from pre pregnancy. 
Maternity Clothes: I totally busted out the maternity jeans early this time, like three weeks ago because it just feels better. And bigger bras. Tops and leggings are normal, but I'm going to need to buy some maternity leggings soon, I think I'm sitting rather low. Or rather, the baby is. 
Gender: Boy! We will double check in a few weeks but I could tell before the ultrasound tech said anything so I'm definitely thinking boy. Plus, I just knew even before the ultrasound. 
Movement: Some little taps, but not regularly at all. I have felt what I think is him the last few nights, but I can't wait till its more regular and stronger!
Sleep: Decent, I'm pretty much tired all the time though. Apparently I need to up my protein, like triple it. 
What I miss: Until this week I have been missing coffee, it sounded so gross till now, but now I can have a tiny bit! yay! 
Cravings:No strong cravings, mainly just aversions. But carbs are basically the only thing I want right now. And pears. 
Symptoms: Out of breath very often, and dizzy. 
What I’m looking forward to: REAL fall weather. We have been having some chilly mornings but then by mid afternoon it's up to 80's. Over it! I want boots, and scarves and sweaters. All day, not just in the morning and a tank top by afternoon. 

 Just over 16 weeks this time

17 weeks last time. I definitely think I'm sitting bigger and lower this time!

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