Friday, May 30, 2014

8 inches.

So Saturday I cut off 8 inches of my hair! Actually more than that since first 8 inches were cut off in a ponytail and then the real hair cut began. And actually it wasn't me doing the cutting,(if that wasnt obvious)  but my fabulous hair dresser. 
I had been planning on maybe 4-5 inches, which would still have been a big change for me, but then when my hair dresser said if I just did a few inches more I could donate it so I thought why the heck not. It's only a few more months of growing it out, plus then someone gets a wig out of my locks. I did it once before (cut off 10 inches that time!) and it was a great feeling, even though i HATED my hair and I looked like a 7 year old. 
These were kind of my 'inspiration' for what I was kind of wanting. Though I realize they aren't even the same hair styles. But it's sort of the length I thought I wanted.  I also realize I look nothing like either of these beauties! Though I did have someone tell me ONCE, yes only once, that I look liked Penelope Cruz. 

Drew snapped a quick 'before' picture as I was heading out the door. Which is a miracle in itself that he decided one was needed. I think he was sad to see those long locks go. 

And here's the after..thats my oh shit what did I do face...

And then the next day with my hair about to be donated..

I'm still getting used to it, and I think I will love it in maybe two months when it's just a bit longer. But I do feel better about it knowing at least someone is getting a wig out of it! Have you ever chopped your hair off and regretted it? n


  1. I love it! It looks so healthy and springy!

  2. We had a 90 degree day about a month back...and I decided on my way home that I was hot and wanted to chop my hair off...Two years of growing it out and I cut 12-14 inches off, now it's above my shoulders...I don't like it. But, it'll grow back! Thank goodness it grows back quickly!!

    I love yours though, it's amazing that you cut so much off and it's still long! I think it looks wonderful and I'm absolutely positive that someone will enjoy a wig thanks to you!

  3. i love it! it looks so much better to be honest. and i actually can maybe see a little bit of penelope cruise

  4. love it so much! gorgeous!!!

  5. It seriously looks awesome! Great cut!

  6. Great blog Darlene. I'm going to send you an email this week about a baby topic I'm researching.

  7. i do that with my hair when i see it getting longer. I just feel bad chopping it off if in a little while I could have it long enough to donate! about to do it in a month when it gets hot!