Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Bucket List

A friend recently asked if I was excited about Jasper (soon) being home from school for the summer, I didn't even hesitate for a second. I absolutely Love having him home with us all day. It doesn't feel right when he's in school all day. I know it's where he needs and even wants to be, but when he's home? Everything is the way it should be. 

That being said, I know I have to keep him busy busy busy for it to be successful. He is just one of those kids that always needs to be on the go. Tindra is perfectly happy with having a day at home with me just lounging, but not so much Jasper. So naturally, we need to have lots of fun things planned!

Every year I create a summer bucket list, and as I was coming up with one this year I realized out of the 10sh weeks of summer (why is it so short??) we are only actually going to be IN Denver for maybe half of that. Tops. We have our trip to Sweden/Iceland/Norway (in 4 weeks!!) and we will also go back to Iowa for about a week and we have another shortish trip to Yellowstone planned, so between all those trips, that doesn't leave us a whole lot of time here! That's going to make it more difficult to fit in all of our things planned!
I had Jasper help me come up with this bucket list and I can't wait to check them all off!

zoo trips
the Aquarium on rainy days
the children's museum on rain days
Lots of baking
Discover some new parks
set up a sprinkler in the backyard
go see the wild life park that we have never been to (about an hour away)
take a day trip to Colorado Springs and check out their zoo
annual weekend camping trip
make home made ice cream!
weekend bike rides to the farmers market
bike rides to bonnie brae (best ice cream around) 
water parks!
splash parks!
afternoon movies for hot hot days where we need super freezing AC, something this Denver bungalow doesn't do
set up play dates for Jasper with his class mate buddies
reservoir trips (we don't have any Real beaches here but these work) 
library + reading program at the library
lots of pool trips

Besides all the fun stuff we have planned for summer we will also be working on school work with Jasper. I'm planning on having him read at least 30 minutes a day and also doing a few work book pages a day out of a second grade book I found. And I bought him a journal I'm going to have him write a few sentences in each day about what we did. Good practice for school and how much fun will that be to read? I especially can't wait to hear what he writes about Sweden :) Any other fun summer ideas for 6 and 2 year olds? 
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  1. sounds like a perfect summer!

  2. great list! bookmarking this

  3. This is a great list. I need to make one of my own... and I might steal some of your ideas :)

  4. Waaaa I want to go to the wildlife park!!