Friday, May 2, 2014

Jaspers lunches

I get asked sometimes what I pack Jasper for lunch so here it is! 
I'm almost two full years into the whole send school lunch thing and most of the time I don't mind doing it. I know what he eats every day, how much he eats, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to summer and a break from packing lunches every day! 
For the most part I stick to the same 3-4 lunch ideas for him. It makes it easier on me, and he likes everything in it and doesn't mind the repetition. 
I always pack a sandwich: either a Nutella/banana sandwich, a PB and J, a bagel with cream cheese or a whole wheat tortilla wrap sliced into bite size pizza- on the tortilla I usually do a layer of peanut butter, and then a whole banana and wrap the tortilla around the banana and then slice it up! Super easy. 
He also always gets fruit, usually two pieces so he has one for snack time as well: Apples, tangerines and sliced mango are favorites here! Also berries. 
And then we do some sort of 'carb', something else to fill him up because it's a LONG day and he's a hungry boy! Either pretzels or veggie straws make their way into his lunch daily. 
We always do some sort of veggie and either hummus, guacamole (or rock-a-mole as he still calls it) or a little container of ranch, favorite veggies to dip for us are carrots, cucumber slices or pepper slices. This kid would eat an entire pepper like an apple if I packed it. 
Random extras I will usually throw one of in to make sure he has enough to eat (he eats snack as well there and usually has something leftover he will eat on the walk home or when he gets home) a package of raisins, dried fruit, trail mix, almonds, cheese sticks, yogurt  or cashews (his school isn't nut free, they have a separate table for kids with nut allergies to sit at )
And that's it! I always have all of these things on happen and throw it all together in the morning. 
Often times if we have pizza for dinner he will ask me to save a slice or two for him to have cold for lunch the next day, and that's always his favorite when we do that!
What are your favorite things to pack for lunch? 
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  1. Oh good ideas! I will look back at this for next year:) glad my child won't be the only one with fruit and veggies:) as I do see a lot of lunchables and things.