Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Monday!

It's been go go go in this household for the last month or two. I mean, even more than normal. We like to keep busy. Our kids like to keep busy, but at what point does it become too much? I'm still working on figuring that out. But we might have gotten there with these past two months. Besides actual school, Jasper has over the past months been involved in a challenge after school program, soccer, swimming, flag football and Swedish school. That means besides school, we have had extra curricular activities 5 days a week, and I've decided that's simply too much at this age. It's not always like this, and it got busier when we agreed to let him do football AND soccer because he really wanted to try football. So, that's that. I wanted him to have a couple months refresher in swimming lessons before the summer and all the pool time for safety reasons and the challenge program after school has been great for him so I wasn't going to pull him out of that either. See, there's a reason for the craziness! But now Swedish school is over for the summer as is his challenge program and he had his last soccer game of the season this past weekend. So maybe things will slow down? Unlikely but it's a nice thought!

I keep getting over whelmed when I start to realize that we live for Sweden in LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS! It's sneaking up on me and my to do list for that is a mile long. But it's a list I will gladly tackle! 

There wasn't a lot of point to this post, but I just wanted to check in! Happy Monday! 

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