Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My 7th official Mothers Day

I still have no idea how it's even possible that I have been a mother for 7 Mother's Day celebrations!

My guys (and girl!) really know how to do Mothers Day right. They started off the day by letting me sleep in (till 8:30!!) and when I got up they were busy making me the sweetest cards. They had already ventured out into the rain (oh yes, which later turned into snow) to buy me an ice carmel macchiato and cake pops, and had filled the tables with gifts. A new wallet, work out clothes, running socks, a tank top and hat, just really really thoughtful, special gifts. They did good. 

We headed downtown to brunch at the Delectable Egg. We have never been but after my delicious bacon, egg, cheese and pepper croissant I will most definitely be going back!

 ^He wanted to make glasses so he could be like Tindra^

After brunch we were lazy and took naps, or rather the kids and I took naps and Drew got some work done, and then face timed the grandma's while just hanging out. The perfect lazy Sunday afternoon. Jasper was supposed to have a football game, but when the rain turned to snow it was canceled and I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't very disappointed to not have to spend 2 hours in the rain/snow! I love watching him play, but lets face it, I don't particularly enjoy being wet AND freezing.

After a lazy afternoon we headed for Stubens for dinner. Another Denver must!I was seriously craving a monte cristo, and it did Not disappoint.  Really good food and fun atmosphere. And the kids meals are just fantastic. Jasper got a cheeseburger and fries and then it came with a side of veggies and ranch also, served on a lunch tray which he just loved. 

Drew did both kids bed times and I had a bath and relaxed. The perfect ending to the perfect (snowy) Mothers Day. 
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  1. Love the pictures of you and your kiddos in the rain - too cute!

  2. you are a beautiful mother inside and out!

  3. what a perfect day! Minus the snow! I can't believe you guys have snow in may

  4. Glad you had a great Mother's Day! I can't believe it snowed!