Sunday, March 2, 2014

Can you say, Shitty few days?

Thursday afternoon Tindra fell down two stairs on our landing, cried for a little bit but then was fine. No bruise, no swelling, no redness, but I could tell her arm was a little tender.
Thursday night, or rather Friday morning I woke up at 1:45 AM to our door bell ringing and someone pounding on the door. A quick glance outside and I see 5-6 police cars on two sides of our house. I basically have a heart attack as I shakily turn off the alarm and open the door. He asks me to come outside with him, where I see an ambulance, police cars, a tow truck and a truck smashed into the back of my suburban. A drunk driver (very drunk, apparently he was 'asleep' at the wheel when the police got to him, even though his air bags had gone off) smashed into our car so hard it pushed my suburban up onto the sidewalk and up another 5-6 feet, coming inches from hitting our fence. That was fun dealing with till 4 AM. And then Tindra woke up at 5 for the day. 
Friday I got a call from the school that a kid in Jaspers class decided to slam his foot in between the auditorium chairs, giving him a swollen and bruised ankle. Kids suck sometimes. 
Saturday I noticed Tindra still wasnt using her wrist/hand very much. She would crawl around on it, but kept her fingers clenched and didn't like me changing her clothes or putting her in the car seat. I had planned on taking her in Monday to get it checked out if she wasn't using it by then, but for some reason decided that we needed to go today even though the roads weren't good and there was a massive 100 care pile up on the high way during a horrible accident. We found an urgent care clinic a mile away and off we went. They thought she looked fine and she was moving it for them but decided to do x rays anyway "for mom's peace of mind"  Which is when we found out SHE BROKE HER WRIST. 48 hrs ago. She hadnt't cried once since then except to whine about Jasper taking a toy she wanted. So basically she's the toughest 22 month old on the planet. And basically I feel like shit. I feel like I should have known. I'm her mom. I always know when something is wrong. But this time I didn't. And trust me, you can't possible make me feel any worse than I already do. 

Oh, and on Valentines Day a freakin dog at the school bit Tindra in the face! The lady insisted her dog was nice and told Tindra to pet him, and after a minute of that he snapped at her face giving her a bloody bottom lip. A bunch of the other moms that saw it called the principle that night so that's been fun (obviously not) to deal with as well. Apparently it's a big deal for the school since dogs aren't even allowed on school property.

Folks, it's been a shitty end of February. I for one am glad March is here. Though now I have a feeling it's going to be a looooong month. We will find out more tomorrow what we can expect with Tindra's arm when we go to the orthopedic surgeon, so some prayers would be much appreciated! 

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  1. Oh no. Thats beyond a bad week. Hope baby girl gets better soon. And your car!

  2. Ugh, what a week! Hugs and prayers for you!

  3. We havent been having a great year either, but its early so here is to hoping yours turns around now! Get better soon, Tindra!

    1. Sorry to hear that Emily!! Hope the move went good!