Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Come on in!

Considering we have lived here for six months now (what?!?) maybe it's time for some house pictures! I have been meaning to post pictures forever, but then brush it off saying I'll wait till the house is really clean (which it only ever is for like 6 minutes, lets be real) or I'll wait till I'm 100% done, but that will probably happen a week before we move out so. Might as well be now!
This is our upstairs, minus bedrooms and a bathroom, because lets face it, those are both a disaster currently. 
My favorite things about this house are all the windows (lots and lots of natural light, a photographers dream I tell ya) and the original hardwood floors. Yes they are a pain. Yes I have to sweep at least once a day. But I just love Love them. I also love having a little breakfast nook in the kitchen where Jasper and Tindra sit eating breakfast while I'm getting Jaspers lunch packed for the day as well as a separate dining room. It's our first time with an official dining room and it's been Perfect! The table expands when needed so we can fit a lot around it! Behind the table I plan on doing a picture wall..maybe I will get around to that the week before we move out? Probably. 

Our house is filled with built ins everywhere, love Love them. Perfect for storing my vintage, Swedish knick knacks. 
I'll try to get some downstairs pictures taken soon! 
 photo signature-9_zpse3c2de84.png


  1. That breakfast nook is so perfect, so sunny and close to the kitchen. Love that rug ;)!

  2. You have a very lovely home :)

  3. I love getting a peek into other people's homes! Love your couch and giant map. :)