Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stone Soup.

What kind of 'mom blogger' would I bet if I didn't blog about Jasper's first grade opera? A pretty shitty one I think. And while I sort of hate the term mom blogger, I'm a mom who blogs mostly about my children so it is what it is and I should probably come to terms with that..term.
A couple of weeks ago Jasper's first grade class put on the most ridiculously adorable production of Stone Soup. I had never actually read stone soup (apparently I'm the only one, can i blame not moving o the US till middle 4th grade on this?) so I think that made it even more fun, not knowing what was coming next. 
We hired our babysitter for Tindra so we could actually relax and enjoy it, so it was kind of a date for Drew and I! 
Before hand I was more nervous than I ever was before my own high school plays. At the edge of my seat the entire time!

I didn't need to be nervous at all, Jasper, and the rest of his class did absolutely phenomenal. It was SO darn cute! Everyone knew their lines, and said them with such enthusiasm! The set was perfect, the songs; the best. I could have watched it over and over again and was disappointed when it was over. 
After the opera was over, we took Jasper out for pizza and ice-cream to celebrate and gave him a little gift for his amazing performance. I couldn't help thinking back to the plays Drew and I did in high school together. We had so much fun doing them, and Jasper really enjoyed doing the play/'opera' so maybe it's something he will get into! 

And of course some pictures and a little video clip that's a must see. Be prepared to die of cuteness. 

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  1. well thats the cutest thing I've seen all week. i would love to know more about the plays you and drew did!!!