Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First off let me start by saying a HUGE thank you for the sweet comments and emails about yesterdays  post. You guys are the best. Really. 

Last week I went to the grand opening of Soybu and had SO much fun with Sarah and the rest of the Mile High Mama's! We sipped champagne, ate delicious cupcakes, tried on outfits and at the end of the night I walked away with  these amazing leggings! I've pretty much been living in them, and I'm absolutely going back to get the same ones in black. So THANK YOU Soybu! (I got store credit for attending but was in no way obligated to blog about them or anything, I just think they are that amazing that you all need to know about them!) 

Sarah did a great job recapping our night if you care to read more!

In Tindra news (no one besides moms will care remotely about this) when we are at home she's potty trained! (Minus nap and night times) it's amazing! I brought out the potty chair about 6 weeks ago but I haven't pushed it at all. Sometimes she would randomly sit on it, other times she acted like  it was going to eat her alive if she even looked at it. The last couple of weeks I've let her have 'naked' time in the morning before we go anywhere, and if she started to pee on the floor I'd just put her on the potty and she'd finish there. But then all of a sudden she started peeing in there herself! And the carrying it to the toilet to flush it as she waves and yells bye to her pee. Normal right? Watching her get excited as she pees in there is about the cutest thing ever; after she's done she stands up and claps for herself and yells yaaay TeeTeeeee! The only problem is the second we put underwear on, all bets are off and she pees in them. She thinks they are diapers, I think because they probably feel similar to her cloth diapers. So we have to suck it up and just put her in underwear, but agh diapers are just so much easier! 

In Jasper news, he (along with his class) put on The cutest most spectacular production of Stone Soup you ever did see. But that deserves a post of it's own! 

In my workout news. I've been doing pretty good getting to the Y 2-4 times a week, just depending how crazy our week is. I was doing the treadmill, but then I decided to try the spin bike one day and I'm hooked! Makes me Super excited for our bike rides this spring/summer. I was getting frustrated that I haven't seen a big change on the scale in the past 6 weeks, but then I found a paper I had written a bunch of measurements down a little over a month ago and I re measured and found out that even though i don't feel like I'm seeing a big change and the scale hasn't changed much at least I have lost several inches in my hips and waist, which is a huge encouragement for me! And then I went and celebrated that by eating half a box, I kid you not, of Girl Scout Tagalongs..so there's that. 

And that's all for now friends! 

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