Monday, March 31, 2014

Winter Park

We had one of those weekends that's just really good for the soul. One of those weekends you really need without even know how much you needed it. You following? Well we had one of those. And it felt like a breath of fresh air. And now this week I have Jasper home all week, and it really doesn't get any better than that! When he's in school all day it still feels like a part of me is missing, and it's not whole until he's back home. As much as I would just love to cuddle with him all day and not leave the house to have to share him, I'm determined to make it a super special, fun week for him! He deserves it after his amazing report card last week and with how well he has been doing in school!

Back to the weekend. 

It started with a cinnamon bun and iced coffee, which I've decided is how all great weekends must start.

After breakfast Jasper had his first soccer practice and scrimmage and then I went to lunch and did some shopping with a friend. Getting out of the house solo is also a way to make it a perfect weekend!

Saturday ended with our first family bike ride of the year to a new sandwich place in the neighborhood. Their fries come with sour cream, cheese and bacon and their sandwiches are served on a waffle. I mean, perfection.

As good as Saturday was, Sunday was so much better! We surprised Jasper with a trip up to Winter Park to go tubing to start off his winter break. The weather was perfect (40) with some sun and we had an absolute blast! I'm not sure who had more fun on the tubes between us! After tubing we walked around Winter Park, played at the park, had lunch, and then a coffee/cookie break before heading back down. 

There's just something about that fresh mountain air that make it impossible not to just feel thrilled to be alive! We definitely need to take more advantage of having these gorgeous Rocky Mountains in our back yard! 

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  1. what a perfect weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, It is awesome.

  3. Looks like you had the best time! It must be so fun living so close to the mountains!