Monday, February 3, 2014

My broncos lost...But

At least now I can say I've slept in the same bed as a a Super Bowl winning quarter back, yeah? As I announced last night on Instagram, Seattle's quarter back lived with my aunt and uncle one summer a few years ago and stayed in their guest bedroom. So since I have also slept in the same guest room many times (not that summer) we have slept in the same bed. So that makes it a little bit easier to deal with Bronco's loss last night. A little bit. Also, my aunt and uncle are in love with him and have been saying for years what a nice boy he is, and how lovely his (now) wife is so there's that at least. At least we didn't lose to Tom Brady and the Patriots, because Brady and his wife I am Not a fan of. 

And that's probably the most sports talk you will hear from me in a while. Except to talk about my own kids games, because come on, that's actually interesting. Oh and the olympics. I'm a big big fan of the Olympics. 

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  1. Sorry for your disappointment, but...GO HAWKS! We love Russell Wilson!