Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Question: Answered

Question: Ok I have two! How long have you and your husband been together? And my second question, do you guys want more kids? And did you like the age difference between the two? Ok I guess that was three questions!

Answer: Drew and I have been together for 9 years next week (holy cow!) but I'll talk more about that later. And I absolutely want more kids! When that will be I don't know, but I come from a big family and have always wanted a big family myself. Jasper and Tindra are over 4.5 years apart. They are really close and I love the age gap between them. I think the next one I would like to maybe have a little closer in age, but for what was going on in our life, the age gap was perfect. I absolutely love that I got almost five whole years just Jasper and I. And he started kindergarten when Tindra was 4 months old so I have had lots of one on one time with her also which has been amazing. Sometimes I wish Jasper had a brother or sister closer in age to play more with, but I know as they get older they will only get closer and have more fun together! 

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  1. These were my questions! Thanks for answering, I didn't realize you had been with your husband so long, you guys are so young!

  2. i have a question. my daughter is going to be 10 months next week and is already 20 pounds and we were told we can forward face her, i think i saw somewhere on your blog or instagram that you still rear face and im wondering why. thanks

    1. I'm working on a post about this but NO definitely don't turn her! Legally she can't be turned till 1 and 20 pounds, but even that it is very unsafe!

  3. I love how obvious it is that J and T are crazy about each other! You've done well, mama :)!

  4. I love what you said about having the years with Jasper :) :) I think it's good he's a little bit older - fifteen years from now he'll be the big overprotective brother that the horn toads will be afraid of ;)