Thursday, February 20, 2014


I was never a huge Valentine person. Sure it was a fun(isn) holiday, but it also always seemed like unnecessary pressure. Sure I had boyfriends that went out of their way to make V-day special, but my fondest memories of Valentines day involve my parents. My dad sending me flowers to school. My mom being up and setting up special candy and cards out for us before I ran out the door for early morning choir practice. The year I got a wooden heart shaped sign from my favorite local artist. Thats what made it special. Even my freshman year of college my mom made and sent me a Valentine care package. 

This was my 7th year celebrating Valentines day as a mother and I've got to tell ya, it just gets better and better! Picking out little goodies to surprise them with is always my favorite. I absolutely Love buying things for them, but I don't want them to grow up expecting everything and becoming spoiled rotten so I try not to go overboard!

This year for Valentine's day I stayed up late after book club baking red muffins and getting their goodies set up, and for once I had to wake Jasper up! The look on his face when he saw his red breakfast and table full of Valentines surprises, priceless. Those little moments, make every hard parenting moment a billion times worth it.

After breakfast Tindra, Jasper and I headed to starbucks to get his teachers their favorite Starbucks drinks (I did a little detective work earlier this week to find out their favorites) and then headed to Jasper's school party. Getting to be a part of school party as an adult, is so much better than doing it as the the student! No one ever told me how much fun this part as a parent was!

Tindra and I then surprised Drew with some lunch at work, and she went around his office charming the pants off of everyone around. We are in trouble with her.

After school (there was an incident, I'll share more later, probably) we headed to a Valentines party with Swedish school friends where we made heart shaped pizzas and I brought heart shaped red velvet cupcakes. Then after the kiddos went to bed Drew and I watched a romantic comedy and snacked on fancies cheeses and crackers. 

All in all, a most perfect 14th of February. 

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