Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Randoms

Because I've had one too many cups of coffee so my brain is alllllll over the place. Which is unlike me. Not. 
1.This week has been sort of hell. It's been in the negatives every day, I'm just today getting over a horrible horrible cold (possibly the worst of my life), Drew was in Arizona for work, Tindra came down with a cold and was super stuffed up which meant she was up for the day by FOUR AM. Yeah it's been rough. But it's Fridaaaaay!

2.Drew and I are going to go out tonight with his boss, who I have never met. Could be awkwaaard. We shall see. But at least I get to stuff my face with delicious Italian food. 

3.I decided to try a spin bike because I still dont feel 100% myself after my cold and holy hell my ass hurt! But I'm pretty sure it went numb halfway through and I couldn't feel pain anymore. Also 35 min on there burned 450 calories! I may never step foot on a treadmill again. 

4.I've never done yoga. I took a class once and it was a bunch of 70 year olds that were more in shape than I've ever been. BUT I desperately want to be able to do yoga. It looks so relaxing! So last night Jasper and I found a 20 min youtube class, and I must have had a super easy one because it was totally doable! New goal, do yoga every day for 20 minutes for a month. 

Okay that's all I've got! Have a great weekend!

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