Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our week in Iowa

So since I shared that I got an awesome new lens for Christmas right before we headed to Iowa you are expecting so many awesome pictures to be shared right? That would totally be the case if my camera hadn't decided to stop taking pictures the day after I got there. 

I freaked out and ordered a new canon rebel the next day because hello, I can't go with out a camera! Then I called canon and apparently it might just be a simple software needing updated. So I'm sending it to them to see if it's a simple fix. And then I will have two canon rebels, which is probably unnecessary! So I might have one for sale soon if someone is interested! 

Our 8 days in Iowa went way too quickly. I love being at my moms house. Relaxing. Watching Jasper and now Tindra play with their cousins. Spending time with my siblings. And their significant others. Seeing friends. Eating delicious Mexican and Chinese foods (my two favorite restaurants pretty much ever are both in my small home town. Authentic AMAZING Chinese food is hard to find!)

I do have a few pictures to share, some before my camera crapped out, some from my iphone, some  I stole from my sister and some taken by Jasper with the digital camera he got for Christmas! He is quite the photographer already!

Three generation of girls!

Tindra playing with her cousin!

One of my big brothers giving Jasper a cheesy smile

Jasper and all his cousins! It's hard getting a good picture of 5 kids, 5 and under!
The two blondies are my oldest brothers daughters, and the little one with all the crazy hair is my sisters baby.

My mom holding her two youngest grand babies!
 Vacation is exhausting!

 Cousins in cloth!

Tindra is a bit of a bully..

Okay finally all caught up!

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