Saturday, January 5, 2013


Yes I know that was almost two weeks ago, but since we left the day after Christmas for 8 days in Iowa, and I didn't touch a computer for like 10 days (AMAZING FEELING!) I'm just now playing catch up. 

We decided a couple of months ago to stay here in CO for Christmas for the first time in the 6 years we have been living here. Drew had just started a new job, and while its' a great job, he won't get as much time off as he had worked up to at his previous job, and we want to go somewhere amazing somewhere this year, so Christmas it CO it was!

Even thought it was my suggestion, I thought I would feel bummed that we weren't going to be back. First Christmas in my 26 yrs away from my family. But you know what? It was such a fantastic day! No schedules, no rushing from my moms, to Drews parents, none of the back and forth with not a second to ourselves like all of our past Christmas's. And while I loved that, this was a different sort of amazing. 

Tindra woke up early as usual, about 6 AM, I nursed her in the dark in front of our lit Christmas tree overflowing with presents. After she was done eating I got Drew up and we went and woke Jasper. Tindra is ready for her morning nap within 2 hrs of waking up, and I didn't want J waking up as it was time to put her down for a nap.

The look on Jasper's face when he saw that santa had been here, completely priceless. 

After presents, naps (for T) and more presents we had brunch followed by a long walk and sledding in the neighborhood. This needs to become a Christmas tradition! And it snowed on Christmas eve! How magical is that?

Our sledding adventure Really wore the kids out because we had plans to go see a late afternoon movie, but Jasper took over a 3 hr nap. So we ended the evening with a delicious ham and mashed potato candle lit dinner and playing around on Jaspers new wii. It really couldn't have been a more perfect day! Oh and I stayed in yoga pants and no make up the entire day, like I said, perfect day!

And these three really spoiled me this year, I got the new lens I have been eyeing for months, a gift card to go to a running store and have them help me pick out a pair of running shoes so I can start (restart) training for that 5K, some running gear and socks, VS gift card, and some something else I can't think or right this second. Like I said, spoiled!! 

What was your favorite gift? And how do you guys do santa? I'm always curious how others do it- are most gifts from santa? Or you guys with a gift from santa? Are santa's presents wrapped or unwrapped? Everyone seems to do it So differently and it's fun to see everyone else's traditions!

 Christmas eve! 

 Out of ALL of his dozens of presents, his face showed the most excitement when he pulled his new angry bird underwear out of his stocking. Which, he had a last minute (like 27 hr notice type of last minute) request for and since he had only asked for an easel and dinosaur mountain thing I had the joy of joining all the crazy last minute shoppers are target. It was a freakin MAD HOUSE.
But that look up pure shock and excitement made it 100% worth it!


  1. Looks like a perfect holiday! My favorite gift was a year gym membership from my parents! -Elaina