Monday, January 21, 2013

9 Months!

And I guess 8 since I didn't do an 8 month update.. 

Teeth: No new ones, some days you seem to be teething like crazy, other days not so much. By this time I think Jasper had like 8 teeth so quite a difference there!

Food: Still Loving to eat! You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with some snacks throughout the day. 4-5 oz of purees (made by mamma!) and some table food with lunch and dinner as well. And since nursing usually 6 times a day, sometimes 7. And a bottle of pumped milk. Like I said you eat a LOT. Some days I feel like all I do is feed you! We haven't come across anything yet you don't like though, which is awesome! 

Sleep: Waking up anytime between 6 and 7, taking a 2 hour nap two hours after waking up and an hour afternoon nap, sometimes a little more, and then in bed between 7 and 7:30.

Play: Oh boy this is where it's gotten fun. You are SO much fun to play with now! You are all over the place. About 6 weeks ago you started sitting 100% on your own. Then you started army crawling, and now? Crawling all over the place. You still prefer to army crawl the most though, you can do that the fastest. The last few days you have been pulling yourself from sitting to standing, I can't leave you alone for a second now! You get into Everything!

You had your second dose of the flue shot today and a foot prick and you did fantastic. Just a few quick tears then you were good to go. 

28 inches long, 80th%
16 lbs 4 oz 20th %
Head 17.5 70th %


  1. Its crazy how much she looks like Jasper. She is beautiful!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is just precious! Happy 9 months lovebug! xoxo