Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What WE wore Wednesday

Today we had the second dose of Tindra's last shot- Drew was able to go with for like the first time since Jasper was 2 months, so we made an afternoon out of it and grabbed lunch as well! 

I've been craving some cold weather, and this morning when I woke up to feed Tindra at 4:30 I realize it was raining!! This is a big deal, it hasn't rained more than 20 min the entire summer I'm pretty sure so I opened up some windows, and when we got up for the day at 6:45 it was nice and cool in here!

 On our way to drop Jasper off at school, sans make up. 
 My first hot drink of the season!! Salted Carmel Mocha- Just as good as I remember. (now with make up on- aka mascara and hair brushed) 

 Cutie Patootie 
 Tindra's first time in the rain! She loved it just like her mamma

Our delicious lunch- went to my favorite, Mod Market and shared a 3 cheese pizza and steak sandwich. 

On Mamma
Jeans: Gap
Boots Hunters 
Tank Top: H&M
Cardigan Sweater: H&M

On Tindra
Pants/Shirt combo Harajuki Mini
Shoes: Gift from my mamma

pleated poppy


  1. you look bettter with no make up on. should probably stick to that look.