Friday, September 21, 2012

Till a few weeks ago Tindra was sleeping in our room. I had planned to keep her in there till about 6 months, but drew snores and I think it was waking her up. Plus his early alarm clock was waking her as well. I was super nervous about it but the transition was as smooth as can be. Then a few nights ago I decided to switch T to her crib. She was outgrowing her bassinet and hasn't been sleeping as well during her naps the last two weeks. She has been sleeping in her woombie but knew it was time to stop since shes been rolling back and forth forever (but never in her bassinet- not enough room!! First night in her crib she slept 10 hrs- and the last three nights 11 hrs!! Are been flipping to her stomach and sleeping comfortable on her belly so it is working great! One more milestone little girl, you are growing way too quickly!

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